Flanzer Match

Double your IMPACT!

The Louis & Gloria Flanzer Philanthropic Trust was created to enhance the life of the people of the Suncoast through social services and healthcare initiatives. Their unique matching gift program hopes to “inspire locals across the Suncoast to make a difference in their communities through meaningful gifts to key nonprofit organizations that result in greater opportunities for those who need assistance the most.”

We are so grateful that this matching opportunity has been extended for another year! Through December 31st, 2022 gifts made through the Flanzer Trust to Healthy Teens Coalition will be matched $5 to $500 per household, per month, with a maximum match of $3,000 per household, per organization.

Please consider any gift you make going through the match program, so you can maximize the impact of your gift in empowering teens for success!

Donate Online

  1. Click on the green “Double my Impact NOW” button below. 
  2. Click on “Donate Here” in the red heart.
  3. Enter your contact information and select “Healthy Teens Coalition” from the drop-down menu. Then click “Submit” to finalize your donation.
  4. You will be taken to PayPal to submit your donation via PayPal or Debit/Credit Card. Recurring donations are welcomed!
  5. In the “Notes” section, enter “Healthy Teens Coalition” so that your donation will be directed appropriately.


Donate by Check

  1. Make the check out to the Louis & Gloria Flanzer Philanthropic Trust.
  2. Put “Healthy Teens Coalition” in the memo line on the check.
  3. Mail to: Louis & Gloria Flanzer Philanthropic Trust,  1843 Floyd Street, Sarasota, FL  34239

To give to Healthy Teens outside of the Flanzer Trust program, please click the button below to be taken to our General Giving page.

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